Ersgard is Norway's most central meeting place and farm hotel,
just ten minutes from Trondheim airport Værnes.
Make yourself at home!

Ersgard provides you with a different meeting experience, with room for conversations, inspiration and good breaks. 
The surroundings, the food and the hosts are the important pieces that create an informal atmosphere.
Always customized  – just the way you want it

Dinner and Celebration


Pilegrim hostel




Here you can use the entire farm,
we adapt both indoor and outdoor areas for your needs. 

Day package for meetings: 4 - 8 hours 
/ Coffee, tea, water, juice and fruit are available throughout the meeting. On arrival something sweet is served. 
/ Warm lunch - homemade soup served twice with freshly baked bread before dessert
/ Afternoon break - local cheeses etc. served to the desired time of the afternoon
The meeting room is ready 30 minutes before the start of the meeting, and the host is available all day
/ All of the AV equipment available and Wifi is free
625 kr pr. guest

The atmosphere, the food, the rooms;
all were outstanding, your meeting rooms were perfect for our needs! We came away satisfied, inspired and full of new knowledge!
— Siri Gjære - Trondheim Voices


14 seats on the board
22 seats in the U with 50 cm conference table
32 seats in classroom with 50 cm conference table
40 seats in the cinema



The boardroom is the most used and versatile meeting room at Ersgard. The boardroom has direct access from the car park and its own conference hall with good-value group rooms.

Originally, the room is the farm's manure storage, and in 2013 it was renovated to a modern meeting room with acoustics. The room is very suitable for board meetings, project meetings and workshops. But is also suitable for lectures and small conferences.


Fjøset (the Barn)

35 seats in the U with 50 cm conference table
70 seats in classroom with 50 cm conference table
120 seats in the cinema



The barn is the farm's largest room and perhaps the oldest. It has kept the original feel, but new solid wood floor was laid in 2015. The room is over 200 sqm, has very good acoustics and its own ambience. Large screen and audio equipment are installed in the room.

The barn is very flexible as a meeting room, from creative workshops to a round table conference for 50 guests, r 120 guests seated in rows. The barn is also used for dinners, weddings, concerts, pub and market hall.

Storstuggu (main living room)

10 seats on the board
12 seats in the U with 80 cm conference table
40 seats in small table / long table

Storstuggu is the farm's best preserved room, last time painted in the 1860s, we believe. Mainly used for all meals, but for lunch and evening meetings it is both informal and pleasant for meetings there. Storstuggu is on the 1st floor of the main lane with access to the farm square.

Stallen (the stalls)

7 seats on the board

The stables are Ersgard's smallest meeting room, but perhaps the room where the most important decisions are taken. Here executives meet, make agreements, and where well-known authors enjoyed a good dinner. Everything around the kitchen table. 
1st floor in the Mastufløyen with exit to the farm square.



6 seats on the board

The term can be rented as a workplace for a day or two, maybe a week or a month. Please invite business associates and colleagues at meetings and workshops in the apartment. It has a large living room with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The choir is located on the 1st floor of the main lane with access to the farm square tune
The apartment is universally designed and suitable for everyone.

Fair weather meeting rooms

Fresh air
Garden chairs, hammock chairs, stumps etc. 
Longboards, small tables or stumps
wireless network

From 3 to infinity

At Ersgard we have more than enough cultural landscapes in which to meet. We recommend taking a hiking meeting down to the river or up at Spigiln. In the yard we have plenty of space and many seating areas. You can meet in the conference hall, in the yard or in the cabin by the river.


Good to know

We have room for meetings from 3 to 120 guests, we choose rooms according to their needs. All rooms have their own dishes for coffee and snacks. The lunch is almost always served in Storstuggu by the farm's cook. If you have time, we will gladly tell you about Ersgard's contentious history.

All meeting rooms have all of the AV equipment integrated and wifi from fiber broadband. It includes projector, display and audio system.

Ersgard Farm Hotel

Ersgard offers accommodation with breakfast in a traditional and atmospheric setting. 
The farm hotel has accommodation for 20 people, divided into three apartments. If you are here with a group, two-day meeting, salmon fishing or the like, we will of course put together a package for you according to your needs. And you are always welcome to book a stay with us through Airbnb.




Number of bedrooms: 5
Beds: 9 + 2 extra beds
Rooms: Beds made, towels and bathrobe. All rooms have at least one bed with 90x200 frame mattress
Bathroom: Shared bathroom and toilet in the hallway. 
Living room: Communal living room with TV, sitting area, dining area and a kitchen. 
Kitchen: Electric kettle, microwave, fridge and some crockery. 
Wifi: Free

Here you will find classic B & B-style rooms, located on the 2nd floor. There are no right angles in the apartment. The rooms all have their own distinctive character and have changed little since they were built, in 1833. If you are lucky you will meet new friends in the common room at Storloftet.






Number of bedrooms: 1 + living room
Beds: 2 + 2 extra beds
The room: Beds, towels and bathrobe. 
The rooms have a 90 x 200 cm frame mattress
Bathroom: Private bathroom adapted to all, washing machine
Kitchen: Fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher
Living room: TV
Wifi: Free

Kåret is located on the 1st floor of the trundle lane, completely renovated in 2013, and adapted to all. The apartment is a large suite and can also be used as an office, meeting place and workshop area for those who rent the apartment for two or more days. For an additional fee, pets may be brought.

This is the apartment where the oldest generation in the farm has always lived. The accommodation was heavily upgraded in 2013 and is adapted to residents in wheelchairs.




Number of rooms: 2
Beds: 3
Rooms: Beds made, towels and bathrobe. 
The rooms have a 90 x 200 cm frame mattress
Bathroom: The apartment has a shared bathroom and toilet for the 2nd floor. 
Kitchen and living room: Fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher combined with a small living room with TV

Kårloftet is a small self catering apartment with two bedrooms in
2nd floor. 

The apartment can be expanded by up to 4 beds by renting the family room in the Peterloftet, located on the same floor.




Peterloftet is a large family room on the 2nd floor above the Kåret. 

It can be used as an additional room for the chosen 1st floor and Kårloftet on the 2nd floor.

The room has two common beds and a sofa bed and TV.


Number of rooms: 1
Beds: 2 + 2 in sofa bed
The rooms: Make up bed, towels and bathrobe. 
Bed has frame mattress of 90X200 cm. 
Bathroom: The apartment has a shared bathroom and toilet for the 2nd floor. 
Kitchen and living room: Access to the fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher at Kårloftet.


The Smithy


Beds: 2 beds + 1 extra bed
Etromshytte: With two beds without bed linen, kitchenette and seating area. 
Bathroom: Access to bathroom, toilet and simple kitchen in the barn. 
Wifi: None. Access to wifi and charging mobile phone on the farm.

Simply furnished cottage with stone floor 100 meters from the farm. Former smithy, is used today as accommodation in the summer half of the year for pilgrims and others who wish to use their own sleeping bag. The cabin has no water or electricity.

Equipped with oven, fireplace, kitchenette, sitting area and two beds. There is plenty of wood in the wood box. Dog can stay for free in the Smithy.

The interior of the Smithy shows that salmon fishermen like to use the cabin as a heating room. Smithy is built together with  the malt drier - Soinnhuset. 
The house is still used to dry and smoke malt.

Rustic food the Norwegian way

We serve the main course twice in spacious bowls followed by a tasty and traditional dessert. With the food, we also serve you a part of the farm's history . We get the commodities from our own garden or the nearby area. That means you get food in season, made with love and passion

All serving must be pre-ordered and preferably more than a week ahead.

At Ersgard we have for ten generations served traditional rustic food for all of our guests
— Kjellrun, kokarkjerring


Our farm wife stir the casseroles and is always smiling. She serves steaming hot meals to anyone who has meetings, lunches, dinners and to anyone who wants to celebrate their special anniversary with us.





Main Courses

490 KR Per person

/ Vedovnstekt bringebærbressert lam / Woodovenbaked lam with raspberris
/ Kjøtt i mørket av Sidet Trønderfe / Beef served in a rich gravy.
/ Elg gryte med store filetbiter/ Moose stew with large fillet pieces
/  Lammefrikassé av Grå Trøndersau / Lamb stew of local breed Trøndersau
/  Kraftfull fiskegryte / Rich fish stew

450 KR Per person

/  Kalvesteik / Veal roast
/  Saltkjøtt, grovpølse og kålstapp / Salted meat of pork, coarse sausage and mashed root vegetables
/  Ovnsbakt laks med bjørnerot / Ovenbaked salmon
/  Fårikål av Grå Trøndersau / Lamb stew with cabbage

400 kr per person

/  Festsodd med Skjenning / Traditional Norwegian soup with mutton and meatballs

All main courses are served with potatoes and good vegetables. Most of the dishes has steamed vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower and broccoli







250 kr pr. person

/  Laksesuppe /Salmon soup
/  Brunsuppe anno 1814 / Meat soup with ginger and lemon anno 1814
/  Pilegrimsuppe (kjøttsuppe m/ byggryn) / Pilgrim soup (meat soup with barley)
/  Februarsuppe med kylling og chili/ February soup with chicken and chili
/  Potetsuppe med skinke / Potato soup served with bread and cured ham
/  Ertesuppe / Rich pea soup with bacon
/  Kremet grønnsakssuppe / Creamy vegetable soup

All soups are served with homemade bread or freshly baked buns




Dessert with coffee

/  Byggrynskrem med bringebær fra Vikanlandet / Whipped cream with barley and raspberries.
/  Brødpudding anno 1814 / Bread pudding anno 1814
/  Moltekrem med molter fra Tydalen / Whipped cream with cloudberries
/  Tilslørte bondepiker med epler fra hagen / Whipped cream, apple jam and roasted oatmeal
/  Fløtepudding med bringebær fra Vikanlandet / Cream pudding with raspberries /  Vanilla ice cream with berries
/  Rødgrøt med fløte / Red berries compote with cream
/  Sviskegrøt med fløte / dries plum compote with cream
/  Riskrem med bringebærsaus /Rice pudding with raspberry sauce

Dessert is included in the price for both lunch and dinner

Other servings

80 kr pr. person

/Something to eat after midnight - soup, grilled sausage or something else you want.
/Coffee after dinner with your own brought cakes.

We at Ersgard rig to small tables, set up a large cake table and serve coffee and other refreshments

50 kr pr. person

/Snack before dinner - buns or bread, fruit, coffee, tea and soft drinks

In a traditional farm dinner at Ersgard, the ingredients are plenty of time for good talks and relaxation
— Grete Sørebø, owner of Ersgard

Good to know

As traditional farm dinner we send the main course twice around the table, before dessert and coffee. Everyone eats the same dishes , but we customize the meals for each group.

All the meals are customized for guests with special dietary requirements. Dietary requirements must be reported 3 days before arrival, the same applies for the final number of guests and desired menu. The number of guest registered 3 days before arrival is what is being billed


Welcome to Ersgard pilgrim hostel

The St. Olavs path starts in Selånger outside Sundsvall and ends in the Nidaros cathedral in Trondheim. It follows the same road that king Olav Haraldson traveled when he returned from Novogorod in Russia in the summer of 1030 to christianize Norway and reclaim the norwegian throne. The 564 km long pilgrim path runs from coast to coast - through two countries - in the footsteps of St. Olav.

“Takk for flott overnatting i Smia, en av de herligste pilegrimsovernattningssteder på min vandring fra Selånger. Elden! Suppan! God sövn!
— Lina-Maria Larsson

Hikers of all kinds

At Ersgard we welcome hikers of all kind, both those who walk the St. Olavs path - inland or costal route, Norway across or those who want a base for Bird watching or other nature experiences in Skarvan and Roltdalen National park. You can come to Ersgard one by one or in a group. Cycling and riding pilgrims are also welcome.

Stay overnight

Til de som vil leve enkelt i en hytte som de deler med andre pilegrimer, de som ønsker å leie en egen leilighet til selvhushold og de som vil oppleve vårt flotte gårdshotell. 

På gården har alle tilgang til selvbetjent kjøkken, toalett, bad og wifi.

200 NOK with sleepingbag in the Blacksmith
400 NOK pr. person in dobble bedroom in the farm hotel
600 NOK pr. person in single bedroom in the farm hotel

Book on Airbnb or send a request


serving and transportation

100 NOK  Breakfast including lunch wrap
150 NOK   Dinner - Home made soup with bread)

250 NOK  Luggage transport to Folden
400 NOK   Luggage transport to Trondheim

På gården har alle tilgang til selvbetjent kjøkken, toalett, bad og wifi.

Ønskes det servering av måltider eller transport av bagasje må disse tjenestene forhåndsbestilles, men betales direkte på gården.

Vi ønsker at alle gjør en forespørsel eller forhåndsbooking senest kvelden før ankomst.


Alle som kommer i en gruppe må kontakte hos eller en av våre samarbeidspartnere Nordic pilgrimAktivut eller Artic Wild Tours i god tid før ankomst. Vi skreddersyr besøke hos oss etter behov og ønsker fra gruppene og kan tilby fullpensjon med ekte bondekost og godt lokalt drikke.


Ersgard pilegrimsherberge ligger 700 meter øst for St. Olavsleden ved Mælen bru. Kun 3 km fra den historiske Værnes Kirke,
4,5 km fra sentrum av byen Stjørdal med alt av butikker og 6 km fra Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes.
Det passer fint å overnatte på Ersgard ved ankomst og adgang Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes.

Ingen busstransport til Ersgard, men det finnes over 60 taxier og maxi taxi i Stjørdal. Kontakt taxi på + 47 74837500

St: Olavsleden er fremdeles en led du kan gå i fred og ro, som oftest alene. Men spesielt i dagene før og under Olsokdagene på Stiklestad og Olavsfestdagene i Trondheim, er det mange vandrer på gården vår samtidig.