Ersgard is situated on the beautiful shores of the Stjørdalselva – one of the best salmon rivers in Norway.  
Our fishermen happily enjoy fishing in a river that allows them to live and eat well. And here, there is always the potential for spectacular catch. Good luck!  

If you make the biggest catch we guarantee a place for your fish on the wall of fame in the yard.
— Stein Sakshaug

Farm hotel, B&B or cottage by the river

Many of our guests like to feel like they are at home while visiting Ersgard. Two flats have full kitchens where you can make your own food. 

In our cozy B&B section you can stay in a room with shared bathroom/wc.  

The cottage at Nestrøa is available if you want to enjoy a simple way of living while you fish at Ersgard.


While you fish at ErSgard

You can use the shelter and bonfire by the river, live in the old smithy close to the river, or stay at the farm and enjoy the short walk to the riverside.

Here with us you have access to most of the farm facilities, such as: Shower, WC, wifi and disinfection equipment for your fishing gear. You also have the option to use our kitchen and freezer to preserve your catch.


The tide triggers the salmon to travel up river which, in turn, fills our bay areas with more fish and water. So, you are rewarded greatly for understanding the behavior of the salmon. It also means that you risk getting wet if you don't pay attention to the tides. The map here shows our part of the river (in red), and our cottages and paths by the river (in yellow). It links you to google making it easy for you to find us in the big picture.


Prices and conditions

Per day:  NOK 300,-         Per week: NOK 1500,-

Visa and Master cards are accepted. Please ask beforehand to make sure that the pools are available.

Norway has a mandatory fish tax, and we are required to ask for your receipt before issuing fishing cards. You can pay for it at:

All catches, even Catch-and-Release (C&R), must be reported at Laksebørsen.

Please be aware of the local rules which are found here: Fiskereglene for Stjørdalselva

Scale samples must be collected from all killed salmon and you can find the bags for this at the farm.


Some considerations

Stjørdalselva is one of few rivers in Norway with a fully vital and healthy salmon population. This results in a growing number of fishermen to the river. We hope that you will help us in preserving our great location by accepting the one fish per day quota, and taking on the challenge to try C&R.

C&R is getting increasingly popular along the Stjørdalselva. Please use C&R hooks, and keep fish in the water at all times to keep them healthy. Please measure, or make an estimate of length, and report it to Laksebørsen. The sports shops in Stjørdal will help with advice and fishing gear appropriate for C&R.


We welcome pictures of well performed C&R at Ersgard. They would be greatly appreciated. please use #Ersgard. Or show us at the farm!